"We could not ask for a better therapist"

My daughter has been working with Debbie for a few months and has been absolutely amazing, my daughter loves the sessions and feels safe, relaxed and happy when she is in therapy with Debbie.  We cannot thank Debbie enough for all her amazing work she has put in and help throughout her sessions with my daughter.  We could not ask for a better therapist.

 KB, mother of a 7-year-old


"She has such a lovely way of working with young people and it helps so much to know that she’s a ‘special mum’ too.  She really gets it."
We cannot thank Debs enough! She recently carried out several assessments for our youngest son (6).  This was done as part of the EHCP assessment process and her excellent report was written to tribunal standards and specifications.  This was a demanding process on all of us, but she worked above and beyond to get it right.
At all times she was very mindful and sensitive to all of our family’s needs.  From the off she put my son at ease – not an easy task when you have severe social anxiety. She has such a lovely way of working with young people and it helps so much to know that she’s a ‘special mum’ too.  She really gets it.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or call on her services in the future. 

ST, mother of  a 6 year old


"The benefits were obvious"

Debbie saw both my children for sessions and they enjoyed going.  They were assessed separately so that their needs could be worked out and the sessions were separate too to help them individually. The benefits were obvious with both children, mainly that my eldest child who struggles with balance was told previously that he’d not be able to learn to ride a bicycle, and had tried often, but now can ride. I was kept well informed throughout.

AC, mother to 7 and 13-year olds

"My son doesn’t engage with people well but Debbie is a natural"

Can’t thank Debbie enough for her help and support. Helped us to understand our sons difficulties and provided evidence for further help and support. My son doesn’t engage with people well but Debbie is a natural, resulting in my son asking when Debbie will next visit. I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone looking for ways to support their child.

KW, mother of an 8 year old

“The report described him to a T!”

If anyone needs an OT assessment for an EHCP I just used Debbie Divell and she was brilliant. It is bloody difficult getting my son to do what you want him to do but many tactics were used including bribery, competitiveness, using his interests. He did everything over a couple of sessions. The report described him to a T!

SD, parent of 9 year old 

”…a never-ending supply of ideas to encourage positive engagement”

Debbie is punctual and communicates effectively with the adoptive family she is working with. She is described to be patient, fun, enthusiastic and adaptable with a never-ending supply of ideas to encourage positive engagement in the work. The family report numerous improvements in their child’s functioning. The child is now able to catch a ball and has increased his core strength. His concentration and capacity to complete a task before moving on has greatly improved whereas this was impossible for him before therapy began. As a result, skills requiring concentration and application, such as writing, are much improved and his class teacher has reported an increased ability to remain engaged in learning. Overall, the child is learning to approach tasks in a much more structured way without flitting from one activity to another and is making direct use of Debbie’s strategies due to making them accessible and understandable. Debbie takes great pride in her work and is thrilled that the child speaks so enthusiastically about sessions he has had with her. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sensory UK.

Social Worker for Adopted Children

"Debbie has dealt with my son and our family with respect, sensitivity and great care at all times"

Debbie has dealt with my son and our family with respect, sensitivity and great care at all times.  She has been a fantastic advocate for him with the college and is always looking for innovative and alternative ways to help and support him.  She always works hard to get to the root of any difficulties and doesn’t assume that her first findings are the correct ones.  Thank you, Debs, for everything you have done so far, and I look forward to my son continuing to make the progress he is capable of, with your ongoing support.

SS, mother of a 19-year-old


"I cannot recommend Debbie highly enough"

My autism therapist recently recommended Debbie to me for a Sensory Integration assessment as I struggle with sensory issues.  This has been a very valuable exercise: already I have a much improved understanding of my sensory issues and a host of strategies to better mitigate and manage them.  I have found Debbie to be thorough, patient and empathic.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

On reading his Sensory Integration reportWow! That is really good – suddenly lots of stuff makes sense and the suggestions are really helpful.  I find it fascinating that a lot of my pastimes directly address some of my issues.  I never knew!  This is going to make such a positive difference.

IP, age 54



"Debbie has had a great impact on the well-being of our student"

I work in a college environment and I have had the privilege to work with Debbie to support one of our vulnerable learners. Debbie is a very enthusiastic person who keeps the young person at the focus of everything that she does, I have witnessed her ability to adapt her approach towards our student which in turn encouraged him to engage with therapy. The result of this dedication is that  a student who has previously disengaged with college has become more focused and willing to co-operate with Debbie and other college staff as a result. I believe that Debbie has had a great impact on the well-being of our student.

College SEN Department Staff